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Get creative with Valentine's Day on a budget! Find affordable and unique gift ideas, romantic date options, and more

Valentine’s Day on a budget  – “We still don’t know why Valentine’s day comes while we’re still healing from the new year’s expenses. But it does and we have to show love to our loved ones regardless, don’t we?”

 Although the tradition of celebrating St Valentine’s on the 14th of February has been on for ages, the love that was shown on that day each year never dwindles. In modern Nigerian jargon, “The pressure keeps getting werser.” Just when you think people have done the most in the previous year and no one can surpass that, another year comes and you’re like “WHAT?!” 

In most cases where these new ideas people explore involve a rather high-end amount. It’s quite natural to feel sad at the reality that you may not be able to sweep your LOML off their feet as much as you would have loved to. You also wouldn’t want to go all out to spend all you have only to experience that awful buyer’s remorse the day after Valentine’s. No, Not a good idea. 

Now, what if you could still blow your lover’s mind with that insufficient balance of yours?  Did you ask how? 

YPFG is extending love by sharing these tested and trusted tips with you in the spirit of giving. Walk with us! Here are ways to have Valentine’s Day on a budget.


Pack a lunch – could be homemade but sumptuous – grab a few water bottles, fruits,  a bottle of wine maybe, and hit the trail. There’s nothing like getting away from the hustle and bustle of your busy daily lifestyle to help you connect.  You could take a photo album of you both as a couple with you and reminisce past moments together. You’ll be amazed at the quality of conversation you can have with someone while you’re hiking up a mountain or through a trail in the woods. Also, bonus points for all the exercises you’ll get in! It’s Valentine’s Day after all, so why not get your heart in shape while you’re at it?


Is there a place you used to go with your partner when you just started dating? A specific place you met them for the first time? Whether this is your first Valentine’s Day together or your 30th, think back to one of your favourite nights with them and recreate it. You can talk about how you felt when you met them for the first time.  The awkward but happy moments you shared with them at first, and the fun moments when you knew they were definitely the one for you. Share, share, share..

Are these tips a bit too outdoorsy for your taste? We have more. ??


No matter what budget you have planned for your Valentine’s Day, a special and affordable gift idea is creating your own love notes. Take blank note cards, decorate each one, fill them with special words or memories and design them beautifully across the room with candles lit such that it’s the first thing that catches your lover’s eyes once they step in. You could also create a list of all the reasons why you love your special someone listing them on a poster board with Valentine’s Day decorations. Or just make your own Valentine’s Day card with a special message inside. There are lots of heartfelt ways to show you care without spending your whole budget on the gift.


There are tons of romantic comedies that have come out over the years.  classic love movies have stood the test of time. Whatever suits your lover’s taste is fine, be it romcoms or classic love shows like “Titanic”. So how about a candlelit home-cooked meal and a romantic movie on Netflix? Your meal doesn’t have to break the bank either, it could be homemade with your lover helping out in the cooking. Cook time is bond time. 

You’ll most likely find movies you could choose from on Netflix, Showmax or other movie libraries you prefer. 

Remember, none of these ideas necessarily have to be followed to the letter. A little tweak here, a bit of an adjustment there to suit your taste and your lover’s preferences and voila! you’re on the road to having a great Valentine’s Day on a budget with that special someone. Good luck!



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